SOME residents in Wirral have been hit by a power cut today, Sunday.

Scottish Power says one power was reported shortly before 7am this morning in Wallasey.

It is affecting households in the area of Mill Lane, in Wallasey, and nearby.

The estimated restoration time for electricity supplies is 6pm today, Scottish Power said.

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The postcodes CH445UQ, CH445UX, CH445UZ, CH445XG, CH445XR have been affected by the issue.

Power cut in West Kirby

Meanwhile, another power cut in West Kirby has also been reported, from around 11.40am.

A statement by Scottish Power said: "There is a power cut in the CH48 postcode area of West Kirby.

"Our engineers have initially replaced fuses at Lang Lane substation which restored some supplies in this area. Further blown fuses at Bridge Road substation have been located, and our engineers have identified this has been caused by an underground cable fault.

"Our engineers are now continuing investigations to identify a precise location for a repair and our team are now working to get your electricity supply back on as quickly and as safely as possible by 10pm."

Postcodes affected are: CH485ED, CH485EE, CH485EF, CH485EG, CH485EH, CH485EJ, CH485EL, CH485EP, CH485EQ, CH485ER, CH485EX, CH485HE, CH485HF, CH485HH, CH485HL, CH485HN, CH485HR, CH485HT, CH485HW, CH486DF