LAST Friday my wife and I visited Morrison's in West Kirby and while she did our weekly shop, I sat in the cafe and had a coffee.

Overlooking the Disabled Bays adjacent to the cafe window I started to keep a record and 'ticked' against those who clearly had a mobility problem, against those who clearly didn't.

Over a period of an hour, I had nine 'ticks' on my Newspaper, all in the 'wrong' column!!

Not one of these nine had a stick(s), was in a wheelchair, or was blind (as per Wirral Council regulations) and three of them didn't seem to have a Blue Badge whatsoever.

Now I understand that West Kirby is a town that has many elderly people and, as such, there are many who need and rely on Blue Badges to get close to commercial establishments.

But it is those who take the proverbial that need looking at.

Why does it seem that everyone over 50 in West Kirby has a Blue Badge?

Is there a prerequisite that on reaching the age of 50, you troop along to the doctor complain of a bad back and obtain your "Disabled Entitlement"?

It is infuriating to see people park in disabled bays, throw the Blue Badge on the dashboard, leap out of their Mercedes or BMW and then run into nearby shops like Usain Bolt!

Who is at fault here? The doctors who seem to give carte blanch entitlement? Individuals who misuse family members Blue Badges? The council and/or commercial establishments who do not enforce parking regulations?

Or is it pure laziness and a lack of community spirit?

West Kirby Resident by email.