I RECENTLY took my four-year-old daughter to the Peter Jolly circus in Upton.

I must stress that I was very worried about taking her due to acknowledging that there were real animals going to be participating in the show and not knowing how they would look or act really concerned me.

As we arrived, we were shouted at by protesters standing outside.

I actually did emphasise with them at this point and kept my head down as I went and paid our entrance fee.

My daughter was too excited to turn back now! When inside, the tent seemed to ooze with positive attitude and when the animals appeared, the expression on my daughter’s face was priceless.

I looked around and each child and adult were watching in amazement.

The people delivering and also those who were helping out in the performance were exceptional and it was clear that they were ambitious and enthusiastic about entertaining others.

As for the animals, they seemed to be very healthy and happy enough to be there.

They looked clean, well fed and groomed. After the show we were able to go behind the scenes and see the animals being fed.

The places where they fed were neatly organised and surprisingly we’ll kept.

I was very sceptical about visiting the circus but I must say that it was a great day out with my daughter and she actually would like to go again!

I do understand why some people feel the need to protest but if they were to witness what I did, it may change their views slightly.

Mrs D by email.