FOLLOWING-ON from a letter published last week regarding the new £2 charge for dropping off / picking up passengers at Liverpool Airport, I have just received a Parking Charge Notice for £100 reduced to £60 if paid within two weeks.

All I did was drop off my grandson on the 'pink' double lines approaching the airport, my car was stationary for less than 20 seconds.

There is a white van parked at the last roundabout before the airport and this is fitted with a camera, so no-one escapes. I had no idea what these lines or van represented at the time and I did not notice any signs.

Apparently this is nothing to do with the police or the council, but a charge levied by the company who own the land.

Since the introduction of the £2 charge to go into the car park, I believe more people will do what I did so the landowners have found an even more lucrative way of taking money off the easy-target motorist.

Sue Harding, Bidston.