IN response to the letter headlined “Mersey tunnels – investigation is needed”, the writer is indeed correct in saying that the new 5p and 20p coins are not always recognised in Mersey Tunnel toll collecting units.

The fact is that changes carried out by the Royal Mint have caused an impact on automated coin collection mechanisms across the country as a whole.

We are attempting to address this issue, but in the meantime I would like to assure tunnel users that all rejected coins are returned to the customer at the rejected coin slot within the automated coin machine.

I would also remind regular users that a Fast Tag is a more convenient way to travel through the tunnels, removing the need to carry cash and also offering a discount on all journeys.

Details are available at or by contacting or by calling 330 1702.

Finally, we’re currently exploring ways of upgrading the current tolling system.

Gary Evans, Merseytravel head of customer delivery.