WITH reference to your article in June 18 edition of the Globe headlined “Plan Concerns – Care home will be for men with disabilities” and I noted the alarm of the venerable Cllr John Hale regarding the proposed Meols Drive Care Home with Nursing, operated by Mental Health Care UK .

Councillor Hale has been diligent in unearthing an “internet rumour” that the care home, for adults with “mild to moderate learning difficulties” will, in reality, be used as a hostel for hardened convicts with a history of vile offences.

We are delighted Cllr Hale has seen through the sham of the planning application process, put aside the fact that MCH were obligated to give full details of the proposed use of the building within their application and discounted the significance of the zero number of objections received, including his own.

I have also been surfing the net and have discovered a number of other alarming “internet rumours” regarding plans for other developments to be built on or near “Millionaire’s Row”, Meols Drive:

1. An assisted support/bong shop for elderly bohemian hippy types who have retired to the peninsula. Organic legal highs will be administered via the recipient’s oxygen cylinder supplied free if a mobility scooter painted in psychedelic colours is purchased. The shop will be built in a tree house halfway down Meols Drive.

2. After the British Open is completed, part of the Royal Liverpool golf course will be converted to a skateboard park and paintball centre to pay for the proposed new luxury golf resort. Eight holes will still be available for existing members on bank holidays.

3. An international hip-hop college is to be constructed on Hilbre Island using the largest sound system in the world, powered by energy from several thousand new wind turbines constructed on Middle Eye Island.

We are desperately concerned by these developments which must be true because we read them on the internet and, of course, everyone knows information on the net is never inaccurate!

Charles Riley, Hoylake