I COULD hardly believe my eyes when I read the Globe's article re: Labour's power grab on Wirral Council.

In a democracy of course opposition parties should have leadership roles.

Then I remembered my own time as a member of the Labour group in Wirral and the inbuilt belief they are right and everybody else is wrong!

That is the problem within the Labour Party, there is never any thought that other parties' views are worth consideration.

Not so long ago they would not even consider taking up four cabinet seats offered to then when they were a minority group here in Wirral, thereby denying those they were meant to be serving any representation whatsoever.

As a member of Merseytravel I remember being dragged into the leader’s office for just voicing an opinion that both Liberal Democrats and Conservatives should have leadership roles on committees.

I imagine if this letter is printed there will be an uproar, yes it’s okay if a member of another party joins their ranks but considered an act of treason if someone decides to leave, as I did.

They will also trot out the same old message that if the nasty Tory / LibDem Government don't offer as much money as Labour thinks the Council needs everything would be hunky dory. What rubbish.

Don't believe them, they just can’t work within a budget and must think money grows on trees!

Look at the last Labour Government which brought the country to its knees spending money they never had.

Socialist Governments throughout history have always failed eventually, this Labour run totalitarian council is heading down that road.

Denis Knowles Ex-Labour councillor for Seacombe ward