I TOTALLY agree with Wirral Council's get-tough policy against dog-fouling, fly-tipping and alleyway dumping.

I do not think losing dog wardens is the answer and it is an expensive and thankless task with a limited success rate.

Wirral residents live on a very pretty peninsula on which many useful activities go on throughout the year for both residents and visitors to enjoy.

It is only a minority of people who spoil things for the majority.

I think Wirral residents should voluntarily police Wirral.

There could be a distinctive telephone number and email address so that any residents can contact the council should they see any of these socially unattractive acts being committed. The council then has to punish the perpetrators.

Public confidence in the council has been considerably dented in recent years and this is one of helping to restore it.

My particular gripe is against the dog walkers who use our lovely Wirral country parks, nature reserves and public open spaces as dog toilets.

We must make Wirral the greenest peninsula on the planet in every possible way in the starkest possible way.

Diane Buxton, Bromborough