I HAVE just received a Labour Party election leaflet and can’t believe what I am reading.

They seem to assume I have any interest in the affairs of Dorset Council, but a claim that Wirral is not being treated as fairly as North Dorset made me want to check up on the facts.

So I took a look on the North Dorset Council website and the truth is very different from Labour’s claim.

Dorset have had a 27% cut in funding since 2010 and are having to increase council tax by nearly 5%.

Band D properties in North Dorset actually pay over £230 more in council tax than similar properties in Wirral.

I hope Labour aren’t looking to emulate Dorset in this respect.

My suggestion would be that they tell us what their plans are for Wirral, rather than worry about Dorset.

Allan Brame, Oxton