WIRRAL people are all aware that our council is in financial dire straits, but why should we lose out to pay for their incompetence?

Residents in Leasowe have been informed of the proposal by Tranmere Rovers FC to develop a new training facility to the rear of the Solar Campus building, on the Leasowe playing fields.

Doubtless this will raise capital for the authority, which would be happy to see it quietly go through.

I have a number of reasons for my own objections.

Firstly, it is unlikely to have a positive effect on the property values of houses on Hayes Drive, Shackleton Road or Ross Avenue, whose outlook will be spoilt by the development.

Secondly, although the current planning proposals don't show any, I should be surprised if there were no floodlights at the centre, which would cause considerable light pollution.

Last but not least, there would be an enormous increase in noise with several football pitches in use well in to the evening throughout the week.

I have personally written to the planning department with my concerns, as well as a local councillor and our MP.

I would strongly urge all other concerned residents to do the same, before we pay the price for the council’s financial problems in our house values.

A M Riley by email