AS the parent of a child who attended the Lyndale School I am appalled by the plan to close it.

The school is unique in the way the staff support not only the child but the whole family.

I know that many of us would have found it very difficult to cope with our challenging children and the hoops that have to be jumped through to obtain the best outcomes for them, without the tremendous support of everyone at Lyndale.

We all became part of the Lyndale family, so everyone reaped the benefits.

When the child moved to secondary school, we appreciated even more the Lyndale approach and several years later still see that school as our when required.

We are still made welcome, however busy it is.

Contrast that with secondary school, where we are not allowed to cross the doorstep. Nor are made welcome.

The child is supposed to be able to think for themselves, regardless of their abilities, so we are not kept informed of school activities.

To close Lyndale School will be catastrophic for the children who desperately need their care, but more importantly for families who need their support to maintain the family unit.

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