I WOULD like to say a huge "Thank You" to the lady (who I assume was with her son) who paid my bus fare from Birkenhead Central to Bebington on Wednesday, February 12, at around 6.45pm.

I was returning from Liverpool having left at 5.30pm and the trains were not running due to the abnormal weather conditions.

I had eventually boarded a Rock Ferry train but this terminated at Birkenhead Central at 6.15pm and we were all put outside the station and told to try and catchabus; the driver would accept our rail ticket or replacement rail buses would be put on instead.

A replacement bus arrived but this quickly filled up with train passengers.

Then a Clatterbridge bus pulled up, but the driver refused to accept my train ticket and was very truculent, refusing to accept a £10 note, whichwas all I had.

He was most rude and Iwould have had to have left the bus only for those kind people who paid my fare.

They got off the bus along Old Chester Road.

I hope the lady and young man see this letter as I really cannot thank them enough for their kindness – they are a shining example of all that is best in human nature, just the opposite of that bus driver.

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