I REFER to a recent letter by the leader of Wirral Council, Cllr Phil Davies, where he blames the Coalition Government for financial cuts.

It borders on disbelief that Cllr Davies has already forgotten, or maybe he is in denial, that it was the ineptitude and utter incompetence of the last Labour Government which has brought this country almost to its knees.

In his wisdom, what would Cllr Davies do when, on coming to power, he found the coffers completely empty, as was acknowledged by an outgoing Labour Cabinet member?

He is continually blaming Government cuts for this that and the other, yet he did not hesitate to spend enormous amount of money on redecorating council offices, money that should have been spent on needy people of Wirral.

Even unions are objecting to this shameful waste of resource at the time of austerity.

Stop whingeing, Cllr Davies.

Such necessary measures of austerity that have been taken will take years to fill the hole left behind by the last Labour Government.

Helena Kalicki, Pensby