ARROWE Park Hospital is always being made out to be bad.

Not many good things are said, so here goes.

Two weeks before Christmas I was taken into hospital.

I am a terminally-ill patient and was admitted to the acute female assessment unit.

I would just like to say all the staff were brilliant on the night shift and there was more than 15 patients on the ward.

The day staff went home and there were only three staff on duty – two staff nurses and one health care nurse.

I was totally in disbelief that there were only three on duty and I am a regular patient at Arrowe Park due to my medical problems.

As I am a poor sleeper I was able to observe the staff never stopping all night as I needed to be taken to the bathroom, unable to walk, and being an ex-care assistant, all I wanted to do was help them.

But when the day staff came on duty, that's when all hell broke loose going from three staff to an uncountable number.

There was also a 'big wig' who rolled his sleeves up and got stuck in. The two matrons made beds, changed the elderly patients’ wet bedding and helped with breakfasts.

Nothing was too much trouble for the staff and this is just a small observation as I have always been treated well.

Ten out of 10!

I cannot stress enough how hectic that ward was. I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart.

Thank-you to all the staff but would like to mention Chris Oliver, Ronnie Devlin, Alison Quinn, Les Porter and all those staff who dedicate their time, patience and care to patients like me.

P Taylor