LAST July I happened to notice an unpleasant smell whilst walking my dog past a litter bin near Hoylake roundabout.

Out of curiosity and concern I retraced my steps and the smell became quite offensive and nauseous.

I soon realised that the smell was from dog excrement wrapped in plastic bags and placed there by some thoughtful citizens.

This experience prompted me to ask the following questions:

Since when has the dumping of dog filth into public litter bins become an acceptable practice?

What could happen, for example, if a young child reached in to place litter in this bin and was contaminated by this mess?

Could this be a health hazard, not only for children but for council workers who have to perform the unpleasant task of emptying their contents?

Does this also mean that normal rubbish placed in these bins, such as cardboard, paper and cans, becomes impossible to recycle?

Several years ago, because of pollution being caused by plastic bags, the Irish government decided to ban their use, resulting in a cleaner environment for that country and thereby a reduction in the consumption of oil used in their manufacture.

Dog ownership should now be seen for what it is, anti-social, selfish and inconsiderate towards other members of society.

Something needs to be done to combat this menace to our environment.


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