I WOULD like to ask the driver who tried to kill me on the evening of Tuesday, January 29, at 6.10pm at Spital Cross Roads heading toward Poulton Road.

I was sat behind a car at the lights from Brimstage Road turning into Poulton Road and when the oncoming traffic came to a halt as the lights began to change, the cars in front of me went on their way across the junction.

I followed, admittedly it was late as now the lights were on amber, but there was enough time to cross safely and if I had not have gone I would have been sat in the middle of the road blocking oncoming traffic.

Then a Vauxhall car which was sat at the Church Road lights came bombing behind me a full speed - he almost rammed the back of my vehicle.

I then drove at 30mph along Poulton Road when he once again tried to ram the back of my car in an uncontrolled fit of anger, just because I was clearly in his way. 

You will know who you are if you are reading this, and I hope it makes you think a little.

Please show some respect to your fellow drivers and do not try to kill anyone else as, next time when you are in a fit of fury, you may actually succeed.

Is it really worth it?

Spital resident (name and address supplied).