I AM writing in reply to the R Peters' letter regarding his apparent
disappointment at the reprieve of theWirral Egg Run.

I am so angry that anyone would not put aside their petty annoyance at a bit of disruption and noise for a few hours once a year for an event that gives thousands of pounds to children’s charities at a time when charities are struggling to keep going.

It seems that your rather crass remark suggests you put your own selfish needs before that of a charity providing for sick children and families in crisis, how low can you get?

As for your comments regarding pollution, every day traffic pollutes; one event will not make a difference. Are you going to bring up every form of motorised sport, rallies, air shows, and numerous other events?

You clearly have no idea how much this run means to people and I sincerely hope you or your family never need the support of the charities that would be affected by the cancellation of this event.

I would urge everyone to support this charity that has given hope and support to so many. Long live the Egg Run!

Angry Wirral Resident by email.