I AM a disabled person working in the 'Welfare to Work' sector, which has been undergoing significant changes in the last few years.

I feel I must respond to Kathy Musker's letter in last week's Globe regarding the much-publicised Remploy closures.

Kathy's comment about 'this government's disgraceful closure of Remploy factories' fails to recognise that the decision was taken in 2006 that Remploy could not continue to operate as it has done in the past, through a consultation process in which I was involved, under a Labour government.

I am not a party political animal, but I feel many people are blaming the coalition government for a situation which was not of their making.

In 2011 Remploy received £23,000 of tax-payers money for every disabled person who was employed. Are we seriously suggesting that is good value for money?

Is it really appropriate to pat disabled people like me on the head and say that we're special, kept safe from the unemployment that affects millions of others in this country?

Don't get me wrong, I feel very sorry for the individuals affected by the closures, as I do for any person who is made redundant, but the supported employment model was patronising, outdated and the money could be used much more effectively.

The pressure is now on the government to demonstrate that they are doing this.

S Wrigley, by email,