I WOULD like to send a message to the bus driver on the service from Wallasey to Birkenhead.

My elderly, disabled Grandmother was using the service when the bus driver suddenly stopped and told everyone to get off the bus because he wanted a ten-minute break.

Another elderly passenger on the bus who also had a walking stick asked him if they could wait on the bus as they both clearly struggled with mobility.

The driver abruptly refused and replied: "just get off".

My Grandma then politely informed the driver she really struggles to get on and off the bus and that she was worried about falling, to which he shrugged his shoulders and said get off.

They then had to wait, standing for ten minutes while the ignorant driver sat on his phone (he also made them get off onto a road, not even a pavement).

Then, to add insult to injury he made her get her pass back out when getting back onto the bus.

Everyone understands that bus drivers are entitled to breaks, however this treatment was unnecessary and nobody deserves it, especially an extremely polite, kind elderly lady. 

It is extremely cold in these winter months and the most fit and healthy people can get ill from exposure to cold and rain, but this driver didn’t seem to care.

Quite frankly, in this recession there are plenty of people who are desperate for jobs.

So, Mr Busdriver, if you are that unhappy in yours please feel free to give it to someone who deserves it and would do it better.

Jess, Wallasey, by email.