WITH reference to Wirral Council’s plan to charge households for emptying brown bins of garden waste.

My property is surrounded by trees of every description, planted by the council more than 20 years ago when the Upton Bypass was completed.

My back garden and driveway are covered by leaves from these trees. Every winter I have the back-breaking task of cleaning up the mess created by the council.

Why should I have to pay them to clear up their mess? I fill at least 15 black sacks with leaves.

I also put some leaves in my own garden compost bin. I am nearly 82 and am finding it hard going.

I have just gone through the experience of buying a lawn sweeper to clear the leaves of my lawn.

I should send the council an invoice for the sweeper, which I wouldn’t need if they hadn’t planted trees that lose their leaves.

Evergreens would have been more acceptable.

Mrs Jean Pitchforth, Upton