I WOULD like to respond to our publicity-seeking MP Esther Mcvey with regards her view taxpayers are paying too much for benefits.

My wife and I live in a three-bedroom property and, due to her cancer diagnosis which has affected her heart, our house has become a struggle for her to live in.

It's a beautiful house in Oxton, but for the last three-and-a-half years, I have been banging my head against a brick wall with Wirral Partnership Homes to try to be moved to a smaller property.

But even with the efforts of an MP plus a councillor’s intervention, we have not been helped.

So I would like Ms Mcvey to tell me how we stand any chance of re-housing when God only knows how many more people are going to be looking to be re-housed to a smaller property?

Also, our three bedroooms are all occupied as my wife has to have her own room and our son has his.

I think Ms McVey needs to invest more research into this area, as opposed to thinking a magic wand can be waved and all will be well.

Name and address supplied.