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SNAPPED BY YOU: Tranquil lake

Wirral Globe:

10:40am Wednesday 22nd October 2014

GLOBE reader Sean Astbury sent us this stunning picture of the yachts taken from New Brighton beach.

Concern for future of Wirral libraries

Wirral Globe:

10:27am Wednesday 22nd October 2014

THANK you Emma Rigby for the excellent article exposing just how damaging the proposed cuts to Wirral libraries are.

Wirral road needs urgent repairs

Wirral Globe:

10:24am Wednesday 22nd October 2014

I FEEL that something has to be done by Wirral council to resurface the A554 Leasowe Road spur.

More money for pensioners

Wirral Globe:

10:21am Wednesday 22nd October 2014

THE basic state pension will rise by at least £2.85 a week thanks to the Liberal Democrats' triple lock.

BBC has duty to be fair and impartial

Wirral Globe: Angry scenes as UKIP leader Nigel Farage plans to fight for Sussex seats

10:17am Wednesday 22nd October 2014

LAST week, following the Ukip victory in the Clacton by-election, The BBC plastered its news section with coverage of the party.

Letter celebrates Wirral's rich history

Wirral Globe:

10:10am Wednesday 22nd October 2014

A VERY rare unseen letter written by The First Earl Of Birkenhead in 1906 is to go on display in Wirral.

Keep an eye on your local hedgehogs

Wirral Globe:

10:04am Wednesday 22nd October 2014

IMAGINE a world with no hedgehogs, how sad would that be?

Fire service duty to save lives

Wirral Globe:

10:00am Wednesday 22nd October 2014

MERSEYSIDE Fire & Rescue Service seems to have lost the plot and forgotten why it was set up in the first place.

Merseyside Fire Authority plans for Wirral are 'insanity'

Wirral Globe:

10:42am Wednesday 15th October 2014

WHY is Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority proposing the closure of West Kirby and Upton fire stations while publishing images of maps showing the time it would take a fire engine ten minutes to arrive at burning properties?

Opening of Greasby Sainsbury's store is 'depressing'

Wirral Globe:

10:38am Wednesday 15th October 2014

HOW depressing that the new Sainsbury’s and Vets For Pets stores on a newly developed site in Greasby have been allowed to open without the provision of level wheelchair access from Greasby Road.

Wirral mum's thanks for return of daughter's purse

Wirral Globe:

10:36am Wednesday 15th October 2014

THANK you to the anonymous person who posted my daughter’s lost bus pass back to us.

Wirral must come together to fight for Lyndale

Wirral Globe: Lyndale parents do not want the school to close

10:32am Wednesday 15th October 2014

I WANT to compliment the Wirral Globe – and reporter Emma Rigby – on the on-going campaign to voice the views of the parents of Lyndale School.

Wirral wasting money tackling dog mess

Wirral Globe: EPS: Dog owners 'clean up' in new campaign

10:27am Wednesday 15th October 2014

Dog fouling is a big issue for the borough council to deal with but they don’t make it easy for themselves when they get rid of dog wardens, which they have done in large numbers over the last couple of years.

Well done to future daughter-in-law for Wirral MacMillan fundraiser

Wirral Globe: Massive Macmillan Workout

10:19am Wednesday 15th October 2014

ON September 26 my future daughter-in-law, Ruth, held a cake and coffee afternoon at the Hilltop restaurant, to support the MacMillan nurses.

Wirral litter gripe

Wirral Globe: Litter pick in on Saturday

10:16am Wednesday 15th October 2014

I WOULD like to thank Michael Evans for his letter which appeared in the Globe on October 1 highlighting the problem of football litter on The Oval Playing Fields in Higher Bebington.

Basics a must for Wirral Council

Wirral Globe:

10:10am Wednesday 15th October 2014

WIRRAL Council is now partway through its consultation on spending and services.

Poor punished by Tories

Wirral Globe: Euro Elections - Conservative manifesto

10:06am Wednesday 8th October 2014

IN DECEMBER 2008, Iain Duncan Smith’s Centre for Social Justice argued for an end of any obligation for local authorities to provide council housing in order to encourage private landlordism.

Welfare of farmyard animals

Wirral Globe:

10:04am Wednesday 8th October 2014

YOU may be surprised to know that more than 900 million animals are farmed for food each year in the UK — that’s about 56 times the number of pet dogs and cats in this country.

Dog fouling is sickening

Wirral Globe: FINES PLEA: Darlington man calls for increase in fines issued to dog owners who do not collect their pets’ droppings

9:58am Wednesday 8th October 2014

WHEN is the council going to employ more dog wardens?

Performing arts reunion call

Wirral Globe: SNOW: Theatre group postpones show

9:55am Wednesday 8th October 2014

I AM calling on ex-members of Wirral School of Performing Arts (WISPA) that trained at the Gladstone Theatre in Port Sunlight in the late 1980s to early 1990s for a reunion.

Unfair parking charge

Wirral Globe:

9:50am Wednesday 8th October 2014

IT WAS with great interest that I read your article in last week’s Globe and in particular the reference to West Kirby car park being for the use of shoppers.

Pesticides are health hazard for children

Wirral Globe:

9:47am Wednesday 8th October 2014

I WAS passing along North Parade at Hoylake this morning and noticed a tractor being driven along the foreshore with an agricultural spraying attachment connected to the back.

Great concerts in Vale Park

Wirral Globe:

9:43am Wednesday 8th October 2014

Congratulations on the speedy renovation of the bandstand — a fitting memorial to past generations of bandsmen and hopefully for future generations too.

Misguided rant on wind energy

Wirral Globe: The subsidised wind power debate keeps on turning

9:40am Wednesday 8th October 2014

PAUL Nuttall’s tirade against wind energy is further proof that UKIP never let facts get in the way of a bad argument.

Seacombe roads are unclean

Wirral Globe: Gully heads have not been cleared

11:34am Wednesday 1st October 2014

AS A resident in Seacombe, I feel compelled to contact you in connection with the disgusting state of the roads and entries in our area, many of which look as though they have not been cleaned for many months.

Problems for those needing blood tests

Wirral Globe: A group of doctors has suggested that GPs should charge certain patients for some services

11:30am Wednesday 1st October 2014

My wife is on Warfarin for a heart condition and needs frequent blood tests to ensure her INR levels are controlled to prevent heart attacks or strokes.

Ill-informed over underground coal gasification

Wirral Globe: Hilbre Island loses marine protection zone status

11:28am Wednesday 1st October 2014

AS A concerned local resident, I suggest that Dr Sylvester (Mailbox, September 18) is being disingenuous in asserting, perhaps without checking, that there is no evidence base connecting underground coal gasification (UCG) with leukemia and other health-damaging conditions.

Poor service from council

Wirral Globe:

11:27am Wednesday 1st October 2014

I CANNOT believe that once again Wirral Council have surpassed themselves with outstanding customer service.

Any answers on Lyndale?

Wirral Globe:

11:25am Wednesday 1st October 2014

HARDLY a week goes by without a news story or a reader’s letters concerning Lyndale School. But I, for one, and maybe many others, have lost track of the facts behind the story.

Fracking less damaging than solar panels and wind turbines

Wirral Globe: WIND POWER: The proposed Penybanc wind turbines would measure 79 metres high.

11:24am Wednesday 1st October 2014

A STUDY shows that fracking can be less environmentally damaging than installing solar panels or offshore wind turbines.

Can coaches and players clean up after themselves too?

Wirral Globe: Rubbish bin

11:23am Wednesday 1st October 2014

Dog mess as disgusting and sometimes dangerous as it is, is biodegradable. Plastic bottles, food wrappers and energy gel sachets are not. These fields are littered with them.

Ban these noisy jet-skiers

Wirral Globe: CHAMPIONSHIP FINALE: A high-flying jet-ski and, below, the Typhoo P1 Powerboat

9:46am Wednesday 24th September 2014

I AM writing to bring attention to jet-skiers at New Brighton.

Dogs do not deserve such a bad press

Wirral Globe:

9:43am Wednesday 24th September 2014

I ABSOLUTELY loved LG’s letter on “Rights for dogs” and couldn’t agree more that we should be made to get a licence to keep dogs.

These thieves are lowest of the low

Wirral Globe: Teen robber jailed for 14 years after stabbing boy

9:40am Wednesday 24th September 2014

I RECENTLY attended an appointment with my doctor and while waiting, went to the washroom. I took my ring off to wash my hands and left it on the basin, but forgot to put it back on afterwards.

Pay parking will kill off New Brighton

Wirral Globe: Wirral Council's car parking revenue plummets after pay-and-display increase

9:35am Wednesday 24th September 2014

I HAVE just been to New Brighton and asked the contractors, who are wasting more council money by digging up the parking spaces, what exactly were they doing.

Pensby's flying pests

Wirral Globe:

9:30am Wednesday 24th September 2014

 I PLAY football at the Pensby School sports centre's outdoor pitches. For the last three weeks, everyone playing has come home covered in bites.

West Wirral MP 'would back Government over UCG'

Wirral Globe: Fracking Comes to Stockbridge?

9:25am Wednesday 24th September 2014

IN Esther McVey’s West Wirral Observer, she states “One of the 14 licences granted by Labour on December 17, 2009, was for the Liverpool Bay Mining Area to a company called Riverside Energy. The area extends to the waters across much of north Wirral.”

Merseyrail plans still on track

Wirral Globe: Travel disruption on Northern Line after person is hit by train

9:22am Wednesday 24th September 2014

IRSTLY, I wish to assure your correspondent Mr Ramsay that plans for the future of the Merseyrail rolling stock are still firmly on the agenda.

Angered by closure of Lyndale School

Wirral Globe: Lyndale parents do not want the school to close

1:45pm Thursday 18th September 2014

FOR many years I have been a reader of your newspaper and many stories concerning the goings on at Wallasey Town Hall have left me feeling sad, bewildered or bemused.

Praise for Wirral hospital

Wirral Globe: Arrowe Park Hospital's award-winning new front entrance

1:42pm Thursday 18th September 2014

ON JULY 28, my late wife was admitted to Arrowe Park Hospital and my family and I would like to express our appreciation to the staff through your newspaper.

Education survey misses the point

Wirral Globe: Paul Nuttall

1:40pm Thursday 18th September 2014

A SURVEY showing that two in five parents think every child should have the chance to go to private school, regardless of their family's income, was flawed.

Very grateful for help after fall

1:40pm Thursday 18th September 2014

ON FRIDAY, July 11, I attended a Radio City charity lunch at the Hilton Hotel in Liverpool.

Big thanks for your help after fall near Wirral railway station

1:36pm Thursday 18th September 2014

I WOULD like to thank two ladies, Dean and Vanessa, who came to my assistance on August 19 after a nasty fall on the approach to Conway Park Station.

Hope Globe readers can help me find a lost friend

Wirral Globe: Hand Writing (10153711)

1:34pm Thursday 18th September 2014

I WONDER if any of your readers could help me find a lost friend?

Concerned by Dee Estuary gasification threat

Wirral Globe: Fracking Comes to Stockbridge?

1:30pm Thursday 18th September 2014

I HAVE read with concern the continuing discussion regarding the potential extraction of gas from the Dee Estuary.

Alarmed by 'deceitful' claims about Dee Estuary gasification

Wirral Globe: FRACKING PIC FROM INTERNET (9195846)

1:27pm Thursday 18th September 2014

I DO not support UCG in the Dee Estuary, however, I am concerned about the misleading and quite frankly terrifying health claims made by a Labour leaflet I received this week.

Even rude drivers should obey Highway Code

Wirral Globe:

1:24pm Thursday 18th September 2014

UNLESS there has been a change in the Highway Code lately, I am certain that drivers must slow down when approaching a zebra crossing and must stop to give way when a pedestrian wants to use one.

Fort Perch Rock parking charge plan is stupid idea

Wirral Globe: Fort Perch Rock

1:20pm Thursday 18th September 2014

NEW Brighton's revival is a good story, but now Wirral Council is doing its usual trick and trying to ruin this success.

Disgusted by repulsive dog mess

Wirral Globe: A dog-walker in Strid Wood

1:17pm Thursday 18th September 2014

There is a big difference between the unpleasant health issues involving dog mess and general litter.

SNAPPED BY YOU: Sunset over New Brighton

Wirral Globe:

9:45am Friday 12th September 2014

GLOBE reader Peter Lornie sent us this stunning picture of the sunset taken from New Brighton beach.


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