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Dogs are taking over our public spaces and it’s getting out of control

Wirral Globe: MAN'S BEST FRIEND: Dogs were in their element at the RSPCA's novelty dog show.

12:16pm Monday 21st July 2014

Owners let them harass and jump around my children with a breezy, “It’s all right, mate, he doesn't bite”.

New 5p and 20p coins aren't always recognised in tunnel

Wirral Globe: Hundreds of thousands of counterfeit coins from Mersey tunnel booths could be turned into a public sculpture

9:31am Monday 21st July 2014

IN response to the letter headlined “Mersey tunnels – investigation is needed”, the writer is indeed correct in saying that the new 5p and 20p coins are not always recognised in Mersey Tunnel toll collecting units.

Drivers should be tested on their theory every five years

Wirral Globe: A must read: The Highway Code

3:45pm Monday 21st July 2014

THIS is to the taxi driver in the hackney cab last Monday on Moreton Cross roundabout, who cannot understand the highway code.

SNAPPED BY YOU: Heavenly scene

Wirral Globe:

10:05am Wednesday 9th July 2014

READER Daren Dva sent us this picture of Christ Church in Oxton, taken from his window.

Why punish the children?

Wirral Globe:

10:00am Wednesday 9th July 2014

CAN anyone explain to me why children are, yet again, being punished by this Government?

Public sector has it good

Wirral Globe: Wallasey Town Hall

9:59am Wednesday 9th July 2014

PUBLIC sector workers, do you get: Paid more than minimum wage? More than 20 days holiday plus paid bank holidays?

Plants were for everyone

Wirral Globe: Flowerbeds full of buds and promise

9:59am Wednesday 9th July 2014

TO THE person(s) that took the geranium plants out of the planters around New Brighton roundabout - I hope you enjoy them.

Scooters are a real menace

Wirral Globe: The scooter....

9:58am Wednesday 9th July 2014

I HAVE read many letters about cyclists on pavements, but am I the only pedestrian who has been almost ‘mown down’ more than once by primary school children on their way to school on their lethal scooters?

Tories should be ashamed

Wirral Globe: Conservative Party (6677580)

9:57am Wednesday 9th July 2014

CONSERVATIVE voters should feel great shame for the attacks on poor, disabled and vulnerable people to claw back their meagre benefits to bring down ‘the defecit’.

Times need to be managed

Wirral Globe: Senior doctor urges patients with minor ailments not to clog up Arrowe Park Hospital's A&E Department

9:48am Wednesday 9th July 2014

A FRIEND of mine recently underwent a successful hip operation at Arrowe Park Hospital.

Let’s use our ‘thinking caps’

Wirral Globe: EPS: Dog owners 'clean up' in new campaign

9:47am Wednesday 9th July 2014

LET me get this straight right from the beginning. I like dogs, I own a dog and I pick up every time after my dog, because I have the roll bags attached to the lead.

How to end tunnel troubles

Wirral Globe: Wallasey Tunnel

9:46am Wednesday 9th July 2014

HAVING suffered in similar fashion to R Mousley, readers might like to know that when I queried the number of times I have paid £1.80 in the tunnel this year, the attendant in one of the booths suggested I press the call assistance button, and a member of staff would raise the barrier.

Dog ban is not the answer

Wirral Globe: New Brighton could become Wirral's first 'dog free beach'

9:43am Wednesday 9th July 2014

Every couple of years the suggestion to ‘ban’ dogs from Wirral’s beaches rears its ugly head. Dog walkers use the beach 365 days a year in stark contrast to the handful of times families do.

Confiscation of the dog would be the only punishment

Wirral Globe: EPS: Dog owners 'clean up' in new campaign

11:53am Monday 7th July 2014

RESIDENTS in Wirral are fortunate in having so many amenities on our doorsteps – beaches, long coastal areas, fine parks, rural walking areas, easy access to Wales, the Lake District etc.

Mersey tunnels - investigation is needed

Wirral Globe: Hundreds of thousands of counterfeit coins from Mersey tunnel booths could be turned into a public sculpture

11:34am Monday 7th July 2014

I am sick of being told I have put insufficient coins in the hopper when I know £1.70 was dropped in!

I've discovered a number of alarming “internet rumours”

Wirral Globe: Royal Liverpool Golf Club

9:40am Monday 7th July 2014

WITH reference to your article in June 18 edition of the Globe headlined “Plan Concerns – Care home will be for men with disabilities” and I noted the alarm of the venerable Cllr John Hale regarding the proposed Meols Drive Care Home with Nursing, operated by Mental Health Care UK .

Young people may be gullible but they will soon rebel into smoking

Wirral Globe: Shop worker caught in undercover cigarette sting

11:47am Monday 7th July 2014

I AM writing about the bizarre and incorrect statements made in the article about a poetry competition on page two of Wirral Globe last week.

Get the facts right

Wirral Globe: Councillors raise concerns over new Meols Drive care home

12:00pm Monday 7th July 2014

YOUR correspondent Mr Edwards, local solicitor should get his facts right.

Many parents hoping to get their child into the best school will be disappointed

Wirral Globe: SWA ST Emma Mackintosh 16/05/2013

Generic pictures of primary school pupils sitting their National Reading Tests (1292045)

12:04pm Monday 7th July 2014

NEW figures show this year the percentage of pupils in England admitted to their first-choice secondary school has fallen for the first time in five years.

SNAPPED BY YOU: Sunset over the Marine Lake in West Kirby

Wirral Globe:

2:40pm Tuesday 1st July 2014

THIS stunning picture of the Marine Lake at sunset was taken by Globe reader Colette Hodson.

I realise why motorists dislike cyclists so much

Wirral Globe: First aiders on bikes for festivals

3:51pm Friday 27th June 2014

I am a keen cyclist and also a motorist

SNAPPED BY YOU: Low tide on the Mersey

Wirral Globe: Jacob Giles' picture of low tide on the Mersey.

2:01pm Tuesday 17th June 2014

THIS atmospheric picture was taken by Globe reader Jacob Giles.

Wirral Labour party is playing politics

Wirral Globe: Wallasey Town Hall

1:57pm Tuesday 17th June 2014

I COULD hardly believe my eyes when I read the Globe's article re: Labour's power grab on Wirral Council.

Thanks for help after car broke down in Wirral car park

Wirral Globe: The new engine increased the car from 130bhp to 185bhp.

1:51pm Tuesday 17th June 2014

I WOULD just like to thank the very kind gentleman who got my car going again after I had broken down in Birkenhead Market car park on Wednesday morning.

Take responsibility for child's safety on Wirral roads

Wirral Globe: REG SINGLE Motorist appeals for owner of damaged car to come forward

1:48pm Tuesday 17th June 2014

HAVING just had a young child pull out of a side road directly across my path (without looking in either direction), I am posting to plead with parents everywhere to take responsibility to make sure their children are safe on the roads.

No need for burning headlights in tunnel

Wirral Globe: Wallasey Tunnel

1:44pm Tuesday 17th June 2014

WHAT is it with you people who drive the tunnel / tube with headlights at full beam?

Wirral shop staff thank public for supporting charity show

Wirral Globe: Macmillan Cancer Support gave out £9.6m to more than 32,500 patients in the UK last year

1:39pm Tuesday 17th June 2014

BON Marche in Grange Road, Birkenhead, recently had a charity show in aid of MacMillan.

Shocked at state of Wirral cemetery

1:34pm Tuesday 17th June 2014

I WAS shocked and dismayed when visiting Landican Cemetery recently to find the state of the section pathways and between the graves in such a dreadful mess.

Thanks to kind lady who helped tidy grave at Wirral cemetery

1:30pm Tuesday 17th June 2014

THERE are still some nice people around.

SNAPPED BY YOU: From Hilbre Island to Wales

Wirral Globe: SNAPPED BY YOU: View across the Dee

4:30pm Tuesday 10th June 2014

ERIC Wells from West Kirby took this picture looking out over Hilbre Island to the Welsh coast.

Cyclist is danger to Wirral road users

Wirral Globe: CROY: Change of view for cyclists at special safety event

4:26pm Tuesday 10th June 2014

DRIVING towards Liverpool last Friday I saw a cyclist wobbling his way up to Moreton Cross taking flamboyant drags from a cigarette he held in one hand while with the other he recklessly steered his way in and out of queuing traffic waiting to join the roundabout.

Praise for Wirral hospital staff

Wirral Globe: Arrowe Park Hospital's award-winning new front entrance

4:10pm Tuesday 10th June 2014

MY husband John recently had a hip operation at Arrowe Park Hospital.

Fire service served my life during Wirral blaze

Wirral Globe: Firefighters tackle car fire in Widnes

4:08pm Tuesday 10th June 2014

YOU recall the emergency call-out to Riversdale Road in West Kirby on Saturday, May 17, in which five people were rescued from an electrical house fire.

Advertising van in Wirral lay-by is an eyesore

4:06pm Tuesday 10th June 2014

EVERY morning for the past two weeks, I have past a large van parked in the lay-by on Brimstage Road, just before the Clatterbridge roundabout, which clearly is solely there to advertise a double-glazing company.

Wirral MEP: "Thanks for your support during my time in office"

Wirral Globe: Chris Davies MEP

4:03pm Tuesday 10th June 2014

TWO months ago I was declared an "MEP of the Year" for my cross-party work in helping to reform the EU common fisheries policy, end discards and rebuild fish stocks.

Everest explorer's home is part of Wirral's heritage

Wirral Globe: The former home of Andrew 'Sandy' Irvine following this morning's fire.

3:00pm Tuesday 10th June 2014

LET a rebuilding of Sandy Irvine's home be the indication of rekindling a civic pride.

SNAPPED BY YOU: Bidston Hill

Wirral Globe: George Langron's picture taken on Bidston Hill

1:37pm Tuesday 3rd June 2014

GEORGE Langton shared this lovely picture on our Facebook page.

Wirral councillor's letter was political

Wirral Globe: Cllr Stuart Kelly

1:33pm Tuesday 3rd June 2014

YOU published a letter from Cllr Stuart Kelly on Wednesday, May 21, which was very critical of me.

Let's not forget D-Day bravery

Wirral Globe: The D-Day landings

1:31pm Tuesday 3rd June 2014

ON Friday, June 6, it will be the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings – the biggest invasion the world has ever known, it cost the lives of hundreds of men.

Don’t be a killjoy about Port Sunlight races

Wirral Globe: Scene from last year's Port Sunlight 10k

1:29pm Tuesday 3rd June 2014

I THOUGHT it was lovely to share our village with people who are not resident.

Hope Wirral purse thief is feeling great

1:25pm Tuesday 3rd June 2014

TO the person who stole my purse from me today, I hope you are feeling great about yourself.

Wirral hospital has made me a new man

Wirral Globe: Arrowe Park Hospital's award-winning new front entrance

1:22pm Tuesday 3rd June 2014

I HAVE had two operations on my pituitary gland to remove tumours.

Wirral Council waste is neverending

Wirral Globe: Wallasey Town Hall

1:19pm Tuesday 3rd June 2014

IS there anyone else who is getting rather infuriated by the present administration in Wirral Borough Council or is it just me?

SNAPPED BY YOU: Neston marsh

Wirral Globe: SNAPPED BY YOU: Neston marsh

1:50pm Tuesday 27th May 2014

THIS picture of marshland near Neston was taken by Globe reader Sharon Meadows.

Could we have some Wirral GP cashback?

Wirral Globe: Passing A&E doctor helps at Apperley Bridge crash

1:44pm Tuesday 27th May 2014

FORGIVE me if this is wrong, but I understand each of us may have to pay £10 each month for an NHS GP.

Look after your child near Wirral roads

Wirral Globe: Driver fury as roadworks cause town centre gridlock

1:42pm Tuesday 27th May 2014

HAVING just had a young child pull out of a side road directly across my path (without looking in either direction), I am writing to plead with parents everywhere to take responsibility to make sure their children are safe on the roads.

Thanks to everyone for help after Wirral fire

Wirral Globe: Firefighters tackle car fire in Widnes

1:38pm Tuesday 27th May 2014

ON Saturday last fire broke out on the ground floor of 13 Riversdale Road, West Kirby.

Heart-felt thanks to Wirral hospital staff

Wirral Globe: Arrowe Park Hospital's award-winning new front entrance

1:36pm Tuesday 27th May 2014

FOLKS are quick to criticise, but Arrowe Park is a star in my book.

Have a lovely time at Wirral golf course

Wirral Globe: THE TEE TOURNAMENT:  A golf tournament will raise funds for RNLI

1:34pm Tuesday 27th May 2014

I HAVE just returned from my weekly hour-and-a-half walk, a walk that takes in panoramic views stretching from North Wales and then across the Irish Sea towards Ireland while taking in the sights of Liverpool and New Brighton.

Not surprised that council has been caught overspending

Wirral Globe: Wallasey Town Hall

1:31pm Tuesday 27th May 2014

IT comes as no surprise that Wirral Council has once again been caught frivolously spending taxpayers' money on over-inflated consultancy fees as a recent Freedom of Information request by Cllr Ian Lewis has revealed (Wirral Globe, May 14).

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