I READ Chris Cooke's letter with interest in last week's Wirral Globe and would like to add my experience which I witnessed in the past seven days, both times involved the busy farm in Saughall Massie.

Firstly, the farmer was bringing his cows in for milking, which means closing the road between the fields on both side of the road to West Kirby, nothing could pass for about ten minutes.

Secondly, a tractor was ahead of me on the same West Kirby road heading for the second farm with a rather large ploughing machine on the back. 

It was travelling at seven miles an hour, once again nothing could pass.

This happens on a regular basis, after all the farms and the farmers were there long before we were so we cannot moan.

My question is what happens to those few seconds the fire chief is talking about then?

Tony Gaskell, West Kirby.