LABOUR'S obsession with high-faluting and grandiose names is laughable.

Words like 'Tsar' remind people of tsarist Russia as a time of opulence, decadence and perhaps excess and of course authoritarianism.

As if this gives Lynn Collins, the new female "Tsar of fairness and social justice" the same powers, using a male pronoun to give her added clout.

I'm sure the feminists out there will be aghast at this,when she should be calling herself the tsarina but is that too silly?

Last year, after the Brexit vote, the Globe graciously printed my letter complaining about Labour's insidious democratic deficit.

Our new metro mayor is now following the same predictable route.

Steve Rotheram is appointing people into newly-created posts for his cronies.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought these jobs had to be advertised to select the best candidates, to suit the criteria required with the relevant qualifications and this is the law.

All the people appointed so far have to be able to demonstrate they fit the criteria; their appointments, and why they were appointed is so far shrouded in mystery.

What's lacking clearly is transparency, fairness and any form of equity.

Mike Holt, Moreton