MRS Stephanie Miller is not only well-informed (Fire station road concern, May 3), but has assembled all the arguments against siting a fire station in Saughall Massie.

Of course we have all heard of the minutes that can be shaved off response times to West Kirby; what is rarely reported is that house fires represent a much lower total of call-outs than ever before.

There is, undoubtedly, a hidden agenda in the desire to move the local fire and rescue site from Upton to a greenfield site enjoyed by so many locals.

Furthermore it would be a madness to expect fire crews to safely use the lanes under blue light driving conditions.

Fire crew drivers may be very capable professionals, but it is foolhardy to expect all other users of these narrow roads to cope with the sudden need to respond to an unexpected driver situation.

As a HGV Class-1 driver with more than 25 years' experience I know that this mix of road user would be a recipe for disaster and cause further heartache for all.

Now begs the question.

What plans do the local council have for straightening the lanes across green belt lands in another exercise in minority opinion politics?

Jeremy Scott by email.