REGARDING Wirral Council's policy of charging charities to use public parks for their fund raising events, I am aware of at least two organisations who have been sent bills to run events to raise money for charity.

The North End Cycling Club, who encourage cycling in Birkenhead Park, is faced with exorbitant charges, including an arbitrary £200 for "disturbance of parking for regular users".

The Oxton Society, which is a registered charity, is also to be charged for using a field for car parking during this year's Secret Gardens event.

The council say it is their new policy, but we were told charities would be exempt from these new charges, which were to be limited to commercial events held on council land.

Our open spaces and parks are a wonderful asset, which should be readily available for charities and non-profit-making local groups to use.

Why have the authorities got it in for charities?

The council should be supporting charities – not placing these barriers in their way.

David Evans, Lib/Dem candidate for Claughton.