THE owners of a Wirral majorette club facing closure following a complaint about noise are appealing to Globe readers for help.

Bethany Starlight Majorettes opened 20 years ago and is situated in a church hall in Old Chester Road, Tranmere.

This week a representative from the council's noise abatement department paid a visit, informing current owners Neil and Donna Hesketh that a complaint had been received about noise from a nearby resident.

In order to stay open the couple have been told to fit double-glazed windows a to soundproof the venue. Unless the work is done by the end of May the club may have to close.

The news came as a blow for Neil and Donna, who took over the club’s running 13 years ago. In order to buy the windows, they need to raise £1,500. As all funds are used to pay for expenses, Neil is hoping Globe readers can help.

Traindriver Neil told the Globe: “I don’t understand how one person can get the place closed down and the situation has really wound me up. The council constantly goes on about ways of keeping kids off the streets.

“Here we are coming up with a great way to get kids off the street and being told that we will have to close if the work isn’t done.

“The parents are getting het-up, because many of them came to the club as children and bring their kids along too.

“We get people from as far as Liverpool coming to use it. Parents spend a lot of money bringing their children to the club. They care about the place and don’t want it to close.”

Appealing to our readers, Neil continued: “If there’s anyone out there who can help, either by donating windows or financially, we would love to hear from them.”

A council spokesperson said: “We respond to all complaints and when we investigated this case we found that the noise coming from the hall was at such a level as to constitute a statutory nuisance to people living nearby. As a result, we have a legal duty to act.

“We have given advice and guidance to the group on possible ways they could reduce the effects of the noise, but of course we also understand the difficulties they would have in meeting the costs involved with making any improvement.

“For that reason, we are also giving them advice on potential sources of funding.

“In this way we hope to find a solution that resolves the complaint while also allowing the excellent activities of the group to continue at the hall.”

If you would like to help, call Neil on 07507601560.