CHILD PORN CHARGES: A Birkenhead man facing charges for possession of indecent child images was denied summary trial by District Judge Michael Abelson at Wirral Magistrates Court.

Owen Joseph Mulligan, 49, of Old Chester Road, was remanded on conditional bail until January 17 for committal proceedings.

There is one allegation concerning possession of 155 indecent photographs of children and nine other matters involving indecent photographs and videos on dates in 2007 and 2008.


LEARNER WAS DRUNK: A learner driver who mounted the pavement when reversing into a parking bay in the early hours was found to have drank nearly double the legal alcohol level.

Lisa Rebecca Calveley, 21, of Torrington Gardens, Thingwall, admitted drink-driving when she appeared before Wirral Magistrates.

Simon Simmonds, defending, said she was driving a friend’s vehicle.

She was trying to do the friend a favour in driving because the friend had had far more to drink than she.

Calveley was fined £100 plus £100 costs and was disqualified from driving for 22 months.


DENIED DRINK-DRIVE CHARGE: A young motorist appeared before Wirral Magistrates after allegedly being involved in a accident when over the legal alcohol limit.

Rebecca Joanne Cooley, 21, of Shrewsbury Road, Wallasey, denied drink-driving, driving carelessly and failing to stop after an accident involving two parked vehicles in Mosslands Drive, Wallasey, in October.

The alcohol reading in the charge stated 121 microgrammes, which is almost three-and-a-half times the permitted level.

Cooley, who claims she was not driving, was bailed for two weeks for a trial date to be arranged.


PARTY DISTURBANCE: A teenager arrested after a disturbance at a party was found to have two bags of cannabis in his possession, Magistrates were told by prosecutor Alan Currums.

Kurt Thomas Davies, 18, of Seaview Avenue, Eastham, admitted being drunk and disorderly and also unlawful possession of the Class B controlled drug.

Simon Simmonds, defending, said Davies had a "ridiculous amount" of lager – about 15 cans – and did not really remember much.

Magistrates fined the accused £100 and he also had to pay £100 costs.


RAN FROM POLICE: A man who ran off when police said they wanted to search admitted he had tried to get away because he had cannabis on him, Magistrates heard Alan William Shakeshaft, 19, of Cannon Mount in Park Road South, Birkenhead, pleaded guilty to obstructing a police officer.

He threw the cannabis into a garden and it was not recovered.

Shakeshaft was fined £100 plus £100 costs.


DRIVER 'TOOK A CHANCE': A plumber stopped after he seen driving slowly appeared before Magistrates.

David Graham Connor, 32, of Broadway, Greasby, admitted drink-driving.

A test showed around one-and-a-half times the permitted limit.

The court was told Connor took a chance and drove after an argument.

It meant a fine of £330 plus £100 costs. There was a one-year driving ban which will reduce by a quarter if Connor completes a probation course offered to him.


CANNABIS FINE: A stop check on a young man revealed he was in possession of cannabis.

William Davies, 23, of Barlow Avenue, Birkenhea, admited unlawful possession of the Class B controlled drug, which he claimed was for his own use.

Wirral Magistrates fined him £65 and he had to pay £100 costs.


COCAINE ALLEGATION: Magistrates declined to deal summarily with a 23-year-old man charged with being involved in the production of cocaine in August.

Bradley James Luxton, of Aspinall Street, Birkenhead, but who was living in Hillcrest Court, Wallasey, at the time, was detained was remanded on bail until January 17 for committal proceedings.


MAN HAD KNIFE 'JUST IN CASE': A man who carried weapons “just in case” was bailed for four weeks by Wirral Magistrates for reports to be obtained before sentence.

John Leslie McCormick,48, of Strathlorne Close, Birkenhead, admitted possessing a carving knife and a home-made cosh without authority or reasonable excuse in Old Chester Road, Birkenhead.

Regarding the knife he told police: “I keep it with me just in case.”

He said the cosh was attached to a key ring and was not for any illegal use.

Shenade Fearon, defending, said McCormick was severely attacked a few years ago. He lost his confidence and took the knife out with him.