ANIMALS at Chester Zoo have been sent into a deep slumber by an evil sorcerer and families are needed to help break the spell.

Orgautans, sloths, moths and giraffes will return for The Enchantment of Chester Zoo is major Halloween themed event back for its second year this October.

The Enchantment of Chester Zoo has been created by the zoo in partnership with multi award-winning outdoor arts producers Wild Rumpus and is suitable for families with children aged three or over.

Families can expect to encounter everything from musical giraffes and stilt-walking moths to acrobatic sloth and orangutan characters.

An array of friendly costumed performers will help visitors gather the knowledge to gain access to Owl HQ break the sorcerer’s spell and save the zoo from falling asleep forever.

The event is free with normal zoo admission from October 21 to 31.

Head of Discovery and Learning at Chester Zoo Charlotte Smith said: “From sloths in a slumber to giraffes standing tall, the sleeping habits of animals in the natural world are fascinating.

"Imagine sleeping in short five minute bursts while still standing up, like a giraffe or slumbering for up to 18 hours a day like a sloth.

"Meanwhile, orangutans at the zoo love nothing more than snuggling under their hessian bedding, while a moth can remain in its cosy cocoon for months before waking up to explore the world.

“Every species is different.

"We want to share these incredible stories with families this October half term, but don’t expect a boring lesson – this is going to be something quite spectacular. 

"With specially built sets, music, costumed characters, acrobats galore and oodles of adventure – we want visitors of all ages to join in and have fun.”

All money raised from ticket sales is reinvested to protect threatened species in the UK and around the world.

Early booking online is recommended to get the best possible admission prices and tickets can be purchased at