IT didn't rain on the third Love New Brighton Parade and organisers say they are a aiming to make it bigger brighter and sunnier each year.

Hundreds turned out and joined the parade along the way from Victoria Parade via Marine Promenade ending with entertainment at Vale Park.

Organised by the New Brighton Community centre and the Brighthouse Trust this year’s theme was 'By the Beautiful Sea.'

Sue Flannery of Mersey Compass created a stunning ‘Sea Monster’ which proved a big hit with selfie-seekers.

Frank Lund of the Black Pearl Pirates told the Globe: "We wanted the parade to involve absolutely everybody.

"The key is celebrating the talents of people from all walks of life.

"The people who came along to support us are equally important.

"The Parade is all-inclusive and long may it continue as a flagship celebration.

"It is a real community event supported by various organisations including schools, businesses, local artists and the council.

"As always the youngsters did us proud."

The event features of the Merseyside Samba School drummers, Wirral Youth Zone, Ragamuffin – a popular band run by Christopher Locke - and the Merseyside Dance Initiative, as well as China Spirit – a critically-acclaimed Chinese arts culture group proved a huge hit.

Frank Lund who, like community artist Carl Lecky of MAP, who was dressed as a pirate, added: "We are delighted with the success of this year’s event and a big thank you to Globe readers who came along to support us.

"There really was a lot of love around New Brighton thanks to the Parade.

"Here’s to 2018."