It was 1998 when I first saw the film and I knew then in my late 30s that this story could easily transfer to the stage.

It could connect with people – it had sparkle.

It does now in this feel good production.

When you enter the theatre film trailers from 1985 are beamed on a screen setting the scene – Rambo, Back to the Future – the audience are transported back to the glorious 80s.

A novel introduction to this polished, glitzy show.

In the original film Adam Sandler was the nice guy rocker Robbie Hart of the title and Drew Barrymore as Julia Sullivan - a quirky waitress - played two characters who provided a love story of modern day fairytale proportions.

Set in New Jersey, the film soundtrack reflected the hits from Boy George to Billy Idol and Barry Manilow but the successful stage version has brilliantly inventive new songs from Matthew Sklar and lyrics by Chad Beguelin.

Two are kept from the movie - including the seriously ‘laugh-out-loud’ love-gone-wrong song ‘’Somebody Kill Me.’’

I laughed when I first heard it and I laughed again this time around. It is a classic anthem that Morrissey would be proud of.

Jon Robyns is superb in every way as Robbie a likeable wedding singer who vows to make it big even if his songs need work in the words department.

Alas, when he is jilted at the altar his ‘get-up and go’ goes. His intended - sexy Linda - is played with real gusto and amzing energy by Tara Verloop.

He proceeds to attend weddings, but he no longer sings from the heart. This provides great hilarity – he has fallen out of love with love.

Yet his bandmates Sammy (Ashley Emerson) and George (Samuel Holmes) are there to help him see that in life things happen for a reason.

There is a wonderful ongoing ‘will they - won’t they’ feel to Robbie and Julia’s courtship. There is real chemistry from the two actors.

Cassie Compton’s presents a lovely Julia who shines on the beautifully daft ‘’Come Out of The Dumpster’’ – a serenade to get Robbie out of a rubbish skip.

Multi-tasker Ray Quinn - who I have reviewed for nearly twenty years - seems to be getting better and better.

I knew when I saw him perform "Mr Bojangles’’ as a teenager that he can tackle any genre.

Here he portrays a love rat - Glen Gulia who proposes to Julia.

Ray really is a song and dance man of the first order.

He is good actor, too, with a hint of Leonardo Di Caprio in his portrayal of this money-loving wolf.

His song "All About the Green’’ is a highlight in the two and half hour prediction.

But there are plenty of stand-out scenes on designer Franicis O’Connor’s clever set including a bar room male ensemble piece dedicated to being "Single.’’

There is a smashing acoustic ballad in "Grow Old with You,’’ Robbie’s lyrics at last revealing what he really feels.

Much-loved Ruth Madoc as rapping Rosie - a grandma with attitude is a hit with audience who lapped up her every appearance.

Director and choreographer Nick Winston keeps the pace perfectly along with the cracking band in the pit.

This show buzzes from the opening to the delightful finale.

Do yourself a favour if you need cheering up or want to avoid party political broadcasts why not gatecrash the weddings in the company of this singer and his pals in action.

Confetti all round!


Flashy, fizzy and funny until Saturday, June 3.

For tickets call 0844 871 3017 or visit or