STUDENTS from a Wirral school visited the NASA space centre in Texas to take part in a project developing science and technology skills.

A group of 20 from Birkenhead school went to the Johnson Space Center in Houston in the Mission to Mars event during the half-term holiday in February.

While there they met astronaut Ken Cameron and took part in projects such as building a 3D Martian habitat, scuba diving, building rockets, and cryogenic design, construction and testing.

The aim of the trip was to encourage young women who are interested in science, technology, engineering and maths.

A Year 10 student Dionne Lee, said: "I was so glad to have the opportunity to go to NASA with School.

"I learned so many new things that will help me in my studies.

"I really enjoyed the Mars habitat project as we tackled the problems of living on Mars.

"The scuba diving was also one of my favourite experiences too as it was my first time doing it and we were training at the same time as the astronauts".

The girls will now take part in a follow up challenge called #NASAinspires, where they will share their knowledge and experiences with younger students in local primary schools.

Headmaster Paul Vicars said: "This was an exceptional opportunity that our girls were able to take part in and one that has truly inspired them in their studies.

"We look to offer students a wide range of co-curricular opportunities to learn and apply their knowledge outside of the classroom and this couldn't be done without the support and commitment of the talented and passionate teachers we are fortunate to have.

"I am now excited to see the girls share their experiences and knowledge both within the School and the wider commun community".

The trip to Texas was one of a wide range of travel opportunities available at School. 

This year trips have included a cultural trip to New York and Washington, a ski trip to Canada, a cricket tour to Barbados, a music tour to Spain and a charity hike to Nepal.