A WIRRAL dad hopes to change the way football fans are treated with his new book chronicling his one-man mission to win respect for the lifeblood of the game.

What started out as one fan’s protest of refusing to pay into every English Premier League ground has just been published into a book called ‘Give The Fans Sweet FA’, with the possibility of turning the true story into a movie.

Peter Farrell, from Bebington, set off with his audacious plan of gaining free admission into each stadium of the most exciting league in the world.

The 55-year-old Evertonian told the Globe he has been astonished with the reaction, which he says is difficult to take in.

The book tells of the father-of-four’s humour, unique, daring adventure carried out against the growing disrespect being shown to football supporters everywhere.

His peaceful protest proved to be the biggest and most terrifying challenge of his life.

“Because I felt so passionate about exposing the many injustices we fans face, I was determined to go through with it,” said Peter, who had to think of as many ways as possible of getting into stadiums for free, including donning a tracksuit and dressing up as a coach, pretending to be a journalist and walking in alongside famous people.

Some grounds were more difficult to access than others, but each one had its own story.

To mark the occasion, Peter’s goal was to obtain a signed football from every Premier League club that he managed to get through.

He then auctioned them off, with the proceeds raised going to Children in Need.

He has had a unique and unbelievable journey as a football fan and has been most fortunate to travel with his job around the world and meeting fellow football fans of different teams in countries like USA, Canada, South Africa, India, Saudi Arabia and many more.

Peter said: “We may be separated and support many different teams, but we must never forget, we are all football fans and just because we are divided, that doesn't give anybody the right to use this as an excuse to exploit us.

“There are now many different fans groups at many clubs, who are fighting constantly for fans rights, but the very sad reality is, fans are still being massively disrespected on a daily basis.

“I have been asked by many people to write this book and working as a welder on the oil rigs in the North Sea for two or three weeks at a time has given me the perfect environment to do so.”

He added: “I have spoken to a couple of people in England and America about the possibility of turning this story into a movie and we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.”

Give The Fans Sweet FA is receiving five star reviews on Amazon and is attracting huge interest from all over the UK, Ireland, as well as the USA and as far as South Africa.

Peter said: “I think the biggest reason it has attracted so much interest is I am constantly asked by people who haven’t yet read the book, did I manage to gain free entry into every single premier ground and how did I actually do it.

“My response is always, ‘Do you really want me to spoil the story for you when it’s all in the book?’”