A GOLDEN vision of New Brighton with a restored pier and landing stage and a marina encircling Fort Perch Rock has not faded - according to Wirral Council regeneration chief Cllr Pat Hackett.

The rejuvenated resort had flourished in recent years despite financial austerity, and Cllr Hackett insisted its redevelopment had far from reached its peak.

His comments came as a £1m revamp of New Brighton's main promenade is due to get underway.

It will cover the main entertainment area between Victoria Road and Rowson Street and the bottom of Victoria Road is to  be re-opened to traffic.

Councillor Hackett said: "We are only on the first rung of the ladder.

"We need to build on the success we have achieved so far, which is a testament to the businesses of New Brighton, the local community and the council."

"We are encouraging businesses to expand and to attract further investment into the area.

"My enthusiasm for further development has not diminished and whether we can bring in further investment, what has happened over the last four years has been truly inspirational."

A squeeze on public finances would make the vision harder to achieve, said Cllr Hackett.

"Wirral has fared very badly in terms of grant when compared to local authorities in the south. Over the last five years Goverment grant to Wirral Council has been cut by 57%," he said.