THE family of a Wirral woman with terminal cancer has organised a charity event to help bring her son home at Christmas for what could be their final meeting.

Janet Kilbane, from Seacombe, was diagnosed with liver cancer two years ago.

Janet, who is being treated at Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, said she is living from scan to scan with no prognosis of how much time she has left.

She is desperate to see her son Andrew, who moved to New Zealand with his family nine years ago and has only been able to return home once.

Janet said: "I'm desperate to see Andrew and my grandsons at Christmas.

“It would mean so much to be able to see them again.

“The consultant told me something along the lines of 'it had better be sooner than later', so I had to do something about it.

"Andrew has just started a new job, but money is tight and he can't afford to come over.

"I hope we can raise enough on the night to be able to bring them home."

A fundraising event is taking place at the Sacred Heart Club in Moreton on Friday, September 12, at 7.30pm, in an attempt to raise the cash.

It has been organised by sister Catherine Gallimore, who has agreed to have her head shaved on the night.

Janet added: "I take each day as it comes.

"No-one really knows how long I've got left, it could be a few years yet, but time could also be very short."