A pregnant woman motorist was struck in the face by her wing mirror when a banned driver clipped it as he fled police.

Although badly shaken by the incident as she sat in her stationary car, luckily she was not badly injured, a court heard on Tuesday.

The driver, James Moody, was told by a judge he was extremely fortunate that no one was seriously hurt when he drove at more than 70mph along busy streets in broad daylight through Birkenhead forcing motorists to swerve.

Jailing him for 14 months, Judge David Aubrey, QC, said Moody had written a letter saying he realised he needed to change his ways. "If you don't you will find yourself spending longer and longer in custody."

Liverpool Crown Court heard that at the time of the incident, 11.10 am on June 15 this year, 21-year-old Moody was disqualified from driving and had a 12-week suspended sentence hanging over him from January for another disqualified driving offence.

Ken Grant, prosecuting, said that when an officer reached the junction of Moreland Road and Crofton Road, Tranmere in a marked police car car he recognised Moody, who was driving a Ford Focus.

Moody immediately accelerated away towards Old Chester Road and ignored signals to stop by the officer.

During the pursuit Moody failed to stop at junctions and went through red traffic lights forcing other motorists to take evasive action.

He also repeatedly drove on the wrong side of the road, including Argyle Street, at speeds greatly in excess of the speed limits, said Mr Grant. 

At the top of Oxton Road, Moody forced his way through a narrow gap and clipped the wing mirror of a stationary Vauxhall Zafira which flew through the open window into the face of the pregnant driver.

Eventually the police car lost sight of the Focus and it was abandoned in Landican Lane, Prenton, and Moody and his passenger ran off into fields off Storeton Road.

Moody, of Meadowfield Close, Rock Ferry, admitted driving dangerously and while disqualified. The court heard he has three previous convictions for disqualified driving and two for dangerous driving.

Judge Aubrey banned him for a further three years and ordered him to take an extended driving test before he can get behind the wheel again.

John Weate, defending, said that it was "a serious case of dangerous driving" and Moody was genuinely remorseful having reflected how seriously the woman driver could have been injured.

He accepted he has a shocking record but although he has previously spent time in detention he had not enjoyed his first taste of prison while on remand.

His partner is expecting their first child and he accepts he has to change his ways, said Mr Weate.