PUB landlady Michelle Greaves is searching every which-way for a stolen orangutan toy that brought hours of pleasure for patrons.

Michelle, who runs the Armchair pub in Moreton said customers – both drunk and sober - loved to dance with the 4ft tall monkey, which had been with her since she took over the hostelry seven months ago.

She said: “He is the pub mascot we call Armchair Archie and customers young and old love to dance with him and have their pictures taken with him.

“They  are shocked and upset that he has been stolen.

“One of my regulars heard two men in their late twenties in discussion about stealing him and he told them not to touch Archie.  Sometime later he noticed that Archie had gone.”

The pub cctv captured the two men – one who had a short beard – bundling the monkey into a taxi , which sped off.

Michelle said: “They haven’t been in the  pub before and the theft was obviously orchestrated with the taxi waiting outside for them.

“I am hoping their consciences will prick them and they return Archie before I call in the police.”

In the meantime pub regulars have launched a Facebook appeal for information on the stolen monkey.  Posters are being printed for distribution in the local area.

The long-limbed orang-utan was bought by Michelle at a charity shop and its only value is sentimental.

She said: “It may have been a drunken prank or maybe someone wanted him for their child.  But I want him back.”

• An orangutan named Clyde provided a series of humorous moments starring with Clint Eastwood in the 1978 comedy film Every Which-Way But Loose.