It's safari rhyme time!

Let your animal passions run wild in a family-friendly competition.

The Wirral Globe, in conjunction with Literally A Bookshop in New Brighton, invite you to a poetry safari.

Not any old jungle trek, this is is the "Wild Words Street Safari."

Creator Cathy Roberts says: "Help us create through rhymes and pictures a colourful carnival of fanciful creatures inspired by the streets where you live.

"To join the adventure, all you have to do is imagine a creature whose name begins with the same letter as your street.

"For example: 'There's an elephant in Egerton Street.'

"Then think up a rhyme that describes your creature- as wild and wacky as you like."

If you can't think of a rhyme then just tell us anything about your creature - what they look like, what they eat, what team they support (is there a tarantula in Tranmere?).

There are no bounds to your imagination.

"Once we round them up, we will develop a rhyming display in New Brighton's Floral Pavilion on Sunday, July 6, during this year's Wirral Festival of Firsts Poetry Day Out." said Cathy.

Globe editor Leigh Marles will help pick the best from the day - with prizes, too.

Send in - or hand in - your entries to: Wild Words Street Safari, Literally A Bookshop, 6 Atherton Street, New. Brighton CH45 2NY.

Or email

Adds Cathy: "Wild Streets Safari will track down your endangered imaginations. "

Closing date: Friday, July 4.