A SCHEME to turn a former Hoylake pub into a wine bar and offices has been submitted for consideration by Wirral’s planning committee.

The Market Street site would also have space for shops and four new apartments.

The single-storey rear buildings would be demolished. Proposed alterations include an external fire escape, front and rear dormer windows and car parking.

Local residents have until July 7 to raise objections, when a decision will be made as to whether it will go before planning committee members.

At the moment, no objections have been received.

The Punch Bowl closed its doors two years ago and there were rumours that supermarket giant Tesco were planning to turn the building into an Express store, leaving the existing facade in place.

Meanwhile, Wirral Council is poised to dispose of a community hall in Heswall.

Timber-built Alexander Hall in Rocky Lane, was built in the 1960s and has been used as a community hall until recently. Surveys showed that the structure has a limited life. It is now vacant and unused. Community activities at the hall have been transferred to nearby Heswall Hall.

A firm of consultants has been instructed to market the Alexander Hall with a view to securing its disposal. They will seek offers in the region of £300,000.

Heswall Hall Community Trust made it clear to the local authority that it viewed Alexander Hall as an important community facility and that any monies from its sale should in some way, be used to fund community activities in Heswall.

Agreement has been reached for a share of the sale proceeds to be offered to the trust up to a maximum figure of around £25,000.

A special report on the issue will be studied by Wirral Council cabinet on Thursday when they are expected to give authority for the hall’s disposal.