IRRESPONSIBLE dog owners will be warned about the dangers of dog fouling when a Wirral community group holds an awareness day next month.

Grant funding has allowed the Leasowe Development Trust to organise the event, which takes place on May 24, in a bid to crackdown on what has proven to be a hot topic in the area.

Leaflets, flyers and posters designed by local schoolchildren will be on display to advertise the event, which will see people of all ages and professions come together to warn of the serious impact dog fouling can have on an area.

Local authorities and doctors will be on hand at the event – which takes place at the Leasowe shops, on Twickenham Drive – providing information to residents and an array of freebies, including dog food, leaflets on caring for your pooch and more than 50,000 doggy bags, will be distributed among the attendees.

Even Geoffrey the Giraffe, from Toys R Us, will be showing his support.

Sammy Barker, from the development trust, told the Globe the decision to campaign for dog fouling awareness came following a residents’ survey in which it was deemed a community issue.

She said: “It has been deemed as a common concern among the community.

“The tenants of the estate have a lot to say about what goes on in their community and it is our job to listen to their concerns and do as much as we possibly can to overcome barriers that people on the estate come up against.

“With the money we have been awarded we decided to run a campaign to raise awareness on the estate about dog fouling, the dangers and the factors it has on the environment.

“The funding has enabled us to produce leaflets and flyers about the event, purchase 50,000 dog dirt bags, produce educational leaflets for school and 40 sign posts to be hot-spotted around the estate.

The event runs from 11am until 3pm on Saturday, May 24.

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