POLICE have launched a month-long crackdown on speeding motorists in Merseyside.

Officers say the campaign has been triggered by an increase in accidents causing death or serious injury on the county's roads.

In 2013, 550 people were seriously injured and 24 died as a result of crashes in Merseyside.

The previous year, 548 people were seriously injured and 20 were killed.

And  over the last 12 months, 50,428 drivers were caught speeding in Merseyside.

Sergeant Paul Mountford from Matrix Serious and Organised Crime Roads Policing Department said: "The figures speak for themselves.

“Speeding drivers are causing or contributing to thousands of collisions resulting in death, injury and misery to many thousands of Merseyside people.

"However, I believe that these statistics don't reflect the full picture.

"The number of drivers actually caught speeding is only a fraction of those who regularly ignore speed limits on our roads.

"We are targetting these drivers this month and urging them to think outside of their box when they are driving and consider other vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists."

Merseyside Police will be running several operations where officers will be out in force conducting roadside speed checks and stopping drivers exceeding the limit.

Sergeant Mountford added: "A speed limit is not a target to aim for.

"It is often unsafe to drive at a speed limit for many reasons – schools, parked vehicles, pedestrians, the weather and road conditions to name a few.

“Our officers will show zero tolerance towards drivers who place others at risk.”

Drivers caught speeding are in some cases offered the option of paying a £100 fine and having three points added to their licence or going on a speed awareness course.

Last year 20,000 drivers attended speed awareness courses to educate and reduce their re-offending.