WIRRAL teacher Donna Hitchmough was intrigued when a letter bearing a Scandinavian stamp and addressed to her four-year-old daughter Sophie arrived this week.

She was even more surprised when it turned out to be from a lady by the name of Vivi Paulsson from the city of Vara in Sweden, who had found a balloon released by the youngster as part of a science experiment.

The balloon, with a self-addressed label attached, had been set loose on Friday, flown across the North Sea and landed in Sweden on Sunday.

A distance of around 900 miles.

It was one of 253 launched from Woodslee Primary School in Bromborough as part of its science week project.

Donna, who teaches science at the school and organised the balloon race, said: “Sophie was really excited when the letter arrived.

"It was a nice way to round off science week and a real boost for the whole school.

"Before she set the balloon off, I don’t think she knew very much about Sweden, but she's certainly asking a lot of questions about it now!"

The school will be writing back to Ms Paulsson thanking her for returning Sophie's label.

The school also had a reply from Norway today.

It came from Petter Naper Hansson and was sent to six-year-old Cameron Davies from Bromborough.