THESE adorable lambs were the first spring arrivals on Bebington High Sports College's farm.

There has been an air of expectation for the past couple of weeks as staff and students awaited the birth.

Mum Zara went into labour as school ended on Tuesday afternoon and by 5pm the twin woolly babies, one ewe and one ram, were taking their first gulps of colostrum - the important first milk produced by the ewe.

A school spokesman said: "Given the timing of the birth, most of the school farmers and some lucky staff members were able to witness the event - a landmark, only one year after officially opening our school farm.

"They will be joined by a few more lambs over the next coming weeks as Zoe and Zelda, our other two Zwartble ewes are expected to lamb soon."

Bebington High become the country's 100th school to have a farm and have announced plans to produce organic meat and vegetables for school meals and cookery classes.