HOMES and businesses in New Brighton are to be included in a new advance flood warning system set up by the Environment Agency.

The move is in response to a massive tidal surge on December 5 last year when many businesses were flooded.

At-risk areas in the resort include Marine Point as well as properties on King's Parade and Marine Promenade.

The system - Floodline Warnings Direct - is a free Government service giving advance warnings via phone, text, email, pager or fax.

The Environment Agency is urging homes and businesses to sign up to the service.

Caroline Berry, the agency’s flood resilience team leader, said: “Anyone who has experienced flooding will confirm the stress, disruption and grief that can be caused as well, as the physical danger.

“We all hope it doesn’t happen to us but we are better off prepared than not.

“We encourage everyone to visit our website or call Floodline to find out if they are at risk and sign up for warnings if they are eligible.

"By issuing warnings when flooding is expected, we hope to give people the chance to take simple steps to protect themselves and their property.”To find out if you are at risk and if you are eligible for direct flood warnings call Floodline on 0345 988 1188 or visit the Environment Agency’s website

Flood warnings are also broadcast on local radio and television and on the Environment Agency’s website, which is updated every 15 minutes.