IT was colder inside the Floral Pavilion than it was outside as the waves crashed against the seawalls.

Ice was spinning off the stage - not dry-ice. The real thing.

The Famous Russian Ice Stars - thanks to Deplidge Productions - gave us a February treat of J M. Barrie's classic tale of a boy who never grew up - that's why I can relate to it.

I know it wasn't Dickens, but my skate expectations were well and truly satisfied.

I won't mention individual players - just add “ski” to the end of each performers' names.

But every single performer here is a star.

A production that cares about giving the audience a real piece of story telling with a delightful difference.

Forget Dancing on Ice - this is pure art on ice. And oh, how hard they all work.

There are skills that are simply breath-taking as various acrobatic scenes make you want to sit up, put your choc-ice away and warm to this classic piece of theatre.

Peter Pan (Anton Smirnov)...No relation to the vodka, but next time I have a glass with Ice and lemon I will toast his talent. This show is a glorious whirlwind of skating expertise - smiles abound as Peter Pan takes on Hook (Alexie Motorin).

Hook and his gang should be signed-up by Manchester Utd- such is their footwork and finesse.

The dancers are all lovely to look at, and the audience will gasp at their versatility and acute abilities whether in a dining room set or up a ship's mast.

A beautiful opening set featuring a huge book opens up on a world of pirates, red Indians and dear old London town.

It is a wonderful, well-crafted ballet on skates interlaced a stand up pirate radio character acting as an all-at-sea nautical narrator.

Act one has six scenes followed by act two's five - and every single dance routine is packed with colour and fun.

It is clearly an accomplished touring troupe who dazzle throughout.

The Lost Boys - hiding back the years somewhat - are amazingly energetic and exciting.

Wendy (Anastasiya), with magical twirls and twists, gains the hearts of children and adults alike.

But if I had to make a snap decision for the greatest skater, it would be the bendy, Crocodile (Alexander Belokopytov). Kids loved him and I would have got his autograph at the stage door had it not been so cold.

The Russian Ice Stars are true, dedicated performers whose every complex, gorgeous routine made you smile.

They will be back next year. So well done to the Pavilion for having them here to provide some international entertainment.

It is a company with tradition, style and it has it's collective hearts in the right place.

They speak in a universal language that can be translated everywhere.

Globe Rating: 9/10 Glowing