A WIRRAL student has helped spread the word on issues affecting young deaf people at the launch of a new campaign. 

Bethany Eason, from Bebington High Sports College, is profoundly deaf with a cochlear implant aims to 'spread the word' about young people and deafness as part of the National Deaf Children's Society's 'My Life, My Health' initiative.

During the launch of the campaign Bethany, who represents the society's youth advisory board, met Paralympic Medallist Ben Rushgrove and discussed with him not only about his sporting career, but also more personally about the challenges he has faced in his life.

More than 100 deaf young people took part in the survey and in focus groups.

Each deaf young person has different experiences, preferences and different available access to services and therefore the campaign was split into three areas.

It looks at deaf awareness, focusing on how deaf aware health professionals and staff are, discussing topics such as health appointments and understanding information given by the doctor and having the confidence to say if they did not.

It also looks at how easy it is for young deaf young people to access information and services and about independence.

The theme of the Campaign is Snakes and Ladders and Beth described her challenges in life as being not too dissimilar to the campaign.

She said: "The snakes being the setbacks, the not so positive things that happened in life, whereas the ladders are the glimmers of hope, the support and the pockets of inspiration she received.

"Every day somebody faces a challenge whether big or small however deaf people face even bigger challenges some so big they're so hard to overcome."