THE daughter of a Wirral cancer survivor has given up booze for a month to raise cash for charity.

Danielle Ward is taking part in the Dryathalon, where people give up alcohol for January in aid of Cancer Research UK. Mum Steph beat skin cancer more than 10 years ago

Danielle, 25, from Bromborough said: "This is a really personal cause for me. My mum was able to get through it because people have put money into researching."

The former student of Prenton High School continued: "My mum was really down when she had cancer because she couldn’t work, she couldn’t go out.

"She's not normally that type of person. She’s always outgoing and wanting to do things.

"We just supported her and helped her out, and just got through it. The recovered within six months so it was quite quick. The doctors were able to catch it early.

"If taking part in the Dryathalon helps people for treatment and care in the future then it's a good thing.

"It's not much to give up alcohol for a month if it helps people."

Danielle, assistant manager at a mobile phone shop in Wrexham, will be joined on the Dryathalon by work colleague Gawain Rogers.

You can donate at or