A SOON-to-open Wirral riverside park is to be expanded following an agreement between Unilever and The Land Trust.

Unilever has agreed to donate an extra eight hectares of land, around the size of ten football pitches, to Port Sunlight River Park.

The company will also provide funds to enable public access and provide long-term management.

The donated land is in three parts; a strip of land between the main Bromborough landfill site and the River Mersey, land along both sides of the River Dibbin, running adjacent to the park and the Old Courthouse to the south of the park.

Situated on the former Bromborough landfill site, the park is due to open this summer.

Unilever works director Andy Hinch said: "Unilever is delighted to be working with all the partners to make the Port Sunlight River Park a reality.

"Unilever has played a significant role in the community since the village was founded 125 years ago and we're pleased to be able to contribute to the community again today through the creation of such a wonderful green space for residents and the many Port Sunlight village visitors to enjoy."

The Land Trust is a national charity that ensures public space can be managed for community benefit.

Its partners including waste management company Biffa, BIS - formally North West Development Agency, Wirral Council and Port Sunlight Village Trust.


Euan Hall, chief executive of the Land Trust, said: "This is a massively important deal as it not only increases the size of the park but vitally provides the first piece of the jigsaw that will eventually enable us to vastly improve access to the park for thousands of people living in communities on the south of the site.

"We are very grateful for Unilever for agreeing to give over their land for the benefit of the local community."