TWO Wirral had a taste of life as Cambridge undergraduates as part of the university's shadowing scheme.

Natasha Jones and Erin Courtney, both 17, who study at Weatherhead High School were among 370 students taking part in the 2013 Cambridge University Students' Union project.

They teamed up with students from Trinity and Kings Colleges, attending lectures, supervisions, and social events, for a taste of what undergraduate life at the University is really like.

Natasha wanted to take part in the shadowing scheme to find out what Cambridge is really like.

Natasha said: "All the typical stereotypes of what people think aren't true. After visiting I feel like I know that I would fit in now."

Erin wanted to know more about what the university had to offer.

She said: "Staying in a college where the students study and live gave me an insight into what it would be like to be a student at Cambridge.

"Not all the stereotypes surrounding the university are true."

Vicky Hudson, Access Officer for CUSU and one of the organisers of this year’s scheme, explained: "I am passionate about the Shadowing Scheme because it gives students a chance to get past the stereotypes and find out for themselves what Cambridge is like.

"One of the great things about going to Cambridge is that you meet a range of different people from all kinds of backgrounds, and study the subject you love with other people who love it too.

"The Shadowing Scheme is one of the best ways of showing potential students the real Cambridge and I’m delighted that this year we were able to welcome almost 400 young people to the University."

Priority for places on the shadowing scheme is given to young people with a strong academic track record, but who attend schools with little experience of sending students to Cambridge or Oxford, and who have few family members with experience of Higher Education.