MIDGE Ure returns to New Brighton this weekend for his first show at the Floral Pavilion in more than 10 years.

The Ultravox frontman and Live Aid co-founder takes to the seaside venue's stage on Saturday, promising an intimate acoustic show combining a selection of his own hits with some of his favourite songs by other artistes.

He told the Globe: "I played in the old Floral Pavilion building last time I was in New Brighton, which was about 10 years ago and am looking forward to playing the new venue.

"I had kind of stopped doing acoustic touring, but wanted to keep my hand in, so I can do other things like spend time in the studio.

"So, rather than going out on a month of back-to-back touring, I’ve decided to space the shows out.

"I've been working on material for a new album for about five or six years, but not having a record company means the pressure to release something new hasn't been there. We’ll see what happens in the next few months."

In a career spanning more than 30 years, Midge has received numerous awards and his many bands include Stumble, Salvation, Silk, Rich Kids and Misfits.

He was also lead singer with Ultravox, whose many hits included Vienna and Dancing With Tears in My Eyes. His solo career also enjoyed success with If I Was'.

The band reformed last year and released a new album. Midge, 59, said: “It was a great tour and was a chance for the band to put any band feelings to rest. The album was something we were really proud of.

"But it just meant everything else we were doing outside the band got put on the back burner. As far as UItravox is concerned the door is well and truly open."

In 1984, together with Sir Bob Geldof, he produced a single that led to one of the 1980s' biggest concerts - Live Aid, which featured perfomances from Queen, Elton John, and many others.

In 2005, Midge became an MBE. Next year sees the record’s 30th anniversary. Midge said: "I'm a Band Aid trustee, and it would be great to mark the anniversary in some way.

"At the moment we haven’t even thought about what to do to mark the anniversary. But it's not until next year, so we've got enough time to come up with something.“

Midge's last Wirral performance was at the now closed Pacific Road Art Centre in Woodside.

The venue was put up for sale in along with the attached transport museum and tramway in September, 2010. when it was declared surplus to requirements following redevelopment of the Floral Pavilion.

But a report before cabinet in March last year revealed no 'compliant bids' had been received and the venue remains closed.

The sell-off proposal was greeted with dismay by musicians and fans alike, including guitar greats Steve Hackett, Glenn Tilbrook and Gordon Giltrapp.

Midge said: "It was bad news for Birkenhead. Pacific Road was a great place. Ultravox did a tour rehearsal there for the last tour. It was an incredibly versatile place and the acoustics were great.

"Multi-function venues like Pacific Road are really popular."

Saturday's show starts at 8pm. Tickets are from the box office on 666 0000.